Please DON’T use it for advertising, etc. I think rslinx will auto configure the baud, etc for you when you plug into the slc. Click continue anyway and the drver should run. June 14th, Correct, the second port channel 0 is always configured for serial DF1 as its default protocol, but can also be configured for DH which means that all the SLC processor range has one common comms channel if needed. Flashing PanelView Plus 7 n-et-aic.

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Connecting a PanelView Plus to a SLC-500 Channel 0 Serial Port

Jay, Have you tried 176 Links? Is that what you really want? Well it didn’t quite operate as advertised. In fact, that’s all is does. The connections are to a female 9-pin connector on each end.

Find More Posts by Gerry. June 9th, Alan, I too find conflicting info. Please read this important info!!!

This is part CP3. End 1, pin 3 goes to end 2, pin 2.

Please log in and try again. I actually have found DF1 Full Duplex devices that totally disregard any 1761 net aic rslinx address provided as it is only a point to point connection. Because no matter how much a product advances and no matter how many improvements you make to it, someone is going to be upset because it’s nft than the product they bought ten years ago.

The book says you need them if you can’t disable handshaking at the port. If you’re not already a member, consider joining. Please read those terms and conditions carefully.

June 14th, The answer to your question 17761 yes you just need to set that port up for correct 1761 net aic rslinx. People that had PICs can still use them but if you don’t want to use that annoying box you can simply connect with a RS connection. They both talk DH but they’re not the same.


Connect a PanelView Plus to a SLC Channel 0 Serial Port

I want to be able to go online and make changes while the machine is running. Now just because the processor has the ability to do a 1ms interrupts doesn’t mean every app will work with a 1ms interrupt. To exclude a word, precede it with a “-“, as follows: It’s kinda like cuttin’ your own throat when you try 1761 net aic rslinx configure the channel you’re usin’.

The Automation Forums’ comments 1 of 1761 net aic rslinx of 2 total: I totally agree with the rest of what you say concerning the need for AB legacy support of its comms protocols. What I typically do use the DH port on the panelview itself.

PS — If you run into any issues with checking out or uploading files just contact 1761 net aic rslinx using this link which will rslimx me an email: This is a brand specific question.

Connecting pc thru AIC to SLC 5/04

End 1, pin 5 goes to end 2, pin 5. They did it with the PLC 5’s. Channel 1 is your Ethernet connection. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your Help George Bradley. Is there a 1761 net aic rslinx to do that? Keeping all these straight it certainly tough some times!