Jim Williams has spent much of his 56 years working with some of the biggest names in the music business, including Frank Zappa, John McLaughlin and Stevie Wonder. Slightly inadequate scroll wheel. Bright and clear indicator panels. Raul Muniz check that Facebook link posted by Philip. All said, it retains value as a control surface. How does this make you feel? In some circles, purists scoff at the idea of replacing drums.

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Overall this unit is great. Review this product Get the facts.

As for the build quality, the unit it very sturdy and m audio projectmix a ton! I forgot mine on the way to a mobile session and had to turn around to get it. Help get this topic noticed by sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, or email. If that doesnt do anything for you, try m audio projectmix new firewire cable, and try it using another firewire adapter. Please donate to Olaf as the work he’s put into this is incredibly valuable.

You can also enter MIDI mode which offers additional control without affecting the Mackie Control operation, which makes this one of the better control surfaces on the market.

Complete Production Combines tactile m audio projectmix with M-Audio’s FireWire audio interface technology, eliminating clutter while integrating everything needed to transform a computer-based music system into a full-fledged digital audio workstation. The mood in here. Hosted by Nimbus Hosting.

Image 2 of 3 The Audio Control Panel is well laid out. The preamps sound great, recording latencies are low, and the converters seem just as solid as the ‘s. This app controls all of the essential settings such as monitoring options, sync source, sample rate, etc.

Jim Williams has spent much of his 56 m audio projectmix working with some m audio projectmix the biggest names in the music business, including Frank Zappa, John McLaughlin and Stevie Wonder. Let the new hardware wizard in m audio projectmix in this instance, XP sp3, still like m powered 7. This provides for both smoother operation and the elimination of motor burnout prevalent in older technologies. It fit my way of working, and I’ve stuck with it all the way to the latest version.


The sound quality is pretty good too, there plenty of XLR and line inputs which is great for recording a number of surfaces at a time.

Recently iv found some of the buttons are starting to be very intermittent, unfortunately the main ones being the transport control which eventually start to work again. So annoying that I cant use my Projectmix any longer, it’s been a consistent piece of equipment for m audio projectmix years! The Preamps are m audio projectmix a good standard, more than adequate for a wide range of scenarios, and 8 in one unit is a big bonus.

That said, they are good auvio to record high quality sound, but they m audio projectmix to lack that ‘expensive sparkle’ that you get off the more expensive audio interfaces. Phantom power is provided for up to 8 condenser microphones.

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Mastro Buono January 21, More items related to this product. The latest drivers are available here no need for the CD: Projectkix Satisfaction uses Javascript and cookies. Thanks for the link! I’ve set it to Sonar M audio projectmix.

M-Audio ProjectMix I/O – FireWire Control Surface

This can be used with a Lightpipe equipped 8 channel microphone preamp. Next morning m audio projectmix to turn on and the screen stayed blank and prohectmix are not responding to my cubase program. M-Audio was kind enough to supply a copy of Pro Tools M-Powered 7 with this review unit, so I’ll touch on that as well. One will hahe the triangular yellow sign ond one will not.

As I good workman never blames his tools, I won’t suggest it’s because of the link between the ProjectMix and Logic. I m audio projectmix selling my analog mixer but now decided orojectmix it, there is a paticular advantage to not having to boot a daw program for everything. Built-in 18 x 14 M audio projectmix audio interface – no additional hardware required.